Event Notes, Terms & Conditions


  • When buying a couple pass please forward your ticket to the partner so if needed you can arrive at different times.
  • Corona Passport required if government is requiring this.
  • When arriving please have you ticket(s) and Corona Passport ready to be scanned and ID ready to verify your Corona Passport.
  • If you can’t make it you can sell or give your ticket away, in this case please inform us of their first & last name and the buyer of the original tickets, leader passes can only be sold to other leaders, follower passes only to other followers.
  • Strictly no outdoor shoes on the dance floors for any event taking place at a dance school, please leave outdoor shoes in the shoe rack, bring non-marking indoor shoes or dance on your socks. 
  • For high heels we ask to wear heel protectors; for some models we have them for sale at the venue.
  • No drinks or snacks on the dance floors, only in the designated areas, please keep any bottles and mugs in the hallway or dressing rooms to avoid liquid spilling on the dance floors.
  • Masks are recommended.
  • Use hand disinfectant & wash your hands regularly.
  • Don’t come to the party if you are having flu like symptoms.
  • To get to know more people, also invite people you don’t know for a dance.
  • Followers, don’t hesitate to ask the leaders for a dance 😉
  • With the current situation, we’re asking to take into consideration that people have different views on changing partners and wearing masks, so let’s respect it and understand if people can’t dance with everyone.
  • Respect and be considerate for other dancers on the dance floor
  • At some events we will provide a limited supply of snacks & drinks at the venue.
  • BYO (Bring your own drinks & snacks) applies to events at private venues. It does not apply to any events in clubs or bars that have their own Food & Bevarage services.

Terms & Conditions

By purchasing any pass, ticket or spot for an event you agree to these Terms & Conditions.
Please carefully read the below clauses which you are accepting.

All event attendees accept these terms & conditions by attending out events.
The buyer normally receives the tickets, in the event you purchased a couple or group ticket it is the responsibility of the buyer to forward the ticket to the other participants and to inform them of these terms and conditions which can also be found on the I Dance Helsinki website. Anyone not complying with these terms & conditions might be denied access at the venue or be removed from the event.

Updated Version
These terms were updated Dec 15th, 2021.
Any party tickets sold on or after December 4th 2021 are not entitled to get a refund in the event a Corona Passport and Identification are required to take part of an event.

Registrations and Purchases
Your registrations or purchases create a binding agreement between you and the event organiser. Each ticket is personal and can only be used by the person whose name is on the ticket. Check your selection carefully before you complete the purchase. All sales are final. Depending on the location, venue, and government recommendations or restrictions, a Corona Passport and/or Personal Identification might be required to enter the venue. Once event passes, tickets or spots are reserved or purchased, the full amount is due and they can not be changed unless it is according to these terms and conditions or with prior agreement of the event organiser. Resale of tickets is prohibited without prior agreement of the event organiser or as outlined in these terms and conditions.

Ticket and Payment Processing
In addition to the price of the ticket or pass set by the organiser of an event, there might be a non-refundable ticketing fee added to cover the costs of the ticketing service provider and payment processing provider for debit/credit card processing. Depending on the event this might be a fixed amount per ticket or a percentage of the ticket price. If it is not added to the price then the organiser is paying that as part of the ticket fee you are paying.

Venue Restrictions
The organisers are responsible for the venues and are liable for any damages. You as an attendee will respect this by adhering to the following:

  • No outdoor shoes or shoes with marking soles on at events that take place at dance school venues. You can wear indoor non-marking shoes, socks or bare feet.
  • No drinks & snacks on the dance floors if there is a designated area for them.
  • Wipe, clean and dry any liquid spills you make

In the event you will not obey these restrictions you:

  • can be denied entry to the event
  • can be removed from the event
  • can be required to help cleaning
  • can be liable for damages

Event Changes or Cancellation by the Organisers decision
At any time the organisers have the right to make changes to the schedules, line-up, locations, promotions, and anything else related to their event. You understand that the organisers will make these changes as deemed necessary and that most of the time these changes are beyond the control of the organisers. These changes will not entitle the purchaser to a refund. For the majority of these changes the official Facebook event is the main way of communicating with attendees. The attendee is responsible for checking the Facebook event for any last minute changes.
If the sold event is cancelled by organiser out of their own decision, the customer will receive a refund of the amount paid for the event ticket/pass/spot originally purchased, in other words the face-value of the event ticket. The ticketing and payment processing fees will not be refunded if they were charged.
If a sold event needs to be postponed due to government restrictions your pass will remain valid for the new dates. It is the responsibility of the buyer to either be available for the new dates or sell the tickets according to the Name Change / Pass Selling conditions as described in these Terms & Conditions.

Event Changes or Cancellation due to Government Restrictions or other external forces
At any time the organisers have to change or cancel an event due to external restrictions there will be no refund. Whenever possible the event organisers will reschedule the event for a new date and your ticket will be valid for the new date, if you can’t make it you can resell or give away your pass according to the Name Change & Pass Reselling terms laid out in these terms & conditions.

Cancellation by the ticket holder
You’re not entitled to a refund if you can no longer attend an event, no matter what the reason is.
In the event you will not attend the event and have not paid the full amount due yet, please see the section “No-show”.
In the event you will not attend you are allowed to re-sell your ticket according to the conditions in the section “Name Changes / Pass Reselling”.

If for any reason you do not show up at the event, and have any fees due, you will receive an email with our account or MobilePay details for you to settle the outstanding amount. In the event of not showing up for the event 100% of the fee is due.

Name Changes / Pass Reselling
If you can’t attend you are allowed to give your pass away or sell your pass to someone else that has not registered yet with the below conditions. At any time follower passes can only be sold to followers, leader passes only to leaders and international passes only to international attendees.

Exception: In the event that you won a pass or you were given a free pass by the organisers, no reselling is possible and no name changes are possible. Only the original person can use the pass.

Any name change must be done by completing our name change form. You will need the inform us of the ticket number, your first name and last name, your email, the first and last name of the new ticket holder, the email of the new ticket holder. Note that the new ticket will be issued to the original buyer so in case you were not the buyer please inform the buyer to forward the new ticket to the person that took your ticket.

– Party Tickets:

These can be changed free of charge.

– Workshop/Full Passes for festivals and intensive weekends:
A 10€ administrative fee applies to changing these tickets

Pass Upgrade
Where available you are able to upgrade your pass by informing the organiser and by paying the difference between the pass you purchased and the current rate of the pass to which you are upgrading. You will be informed where to pay the difference.

Instructions in regards to the wristbands you might get when attending an event, please remember to make sure that it is comfortable while putting it on!

  • You can get your wristband at the check-in desk with a MOBILE OR PRINTED E-TICKET. Without it you won’t be able to get it.
  • You have not received your mobile or e-ticket? Take your proof of payment!
  • You can only access the event with your wristband, wear it the whole weekend.
  • You can only exchange a damaged/destroyed wristband by bringing it to get it exchanged.

Photos & Videos
Organisers & Staff
By attending events you accept the organisers or staff might take photos and videos for marketing purposes.

You are not permitted to take photos or videos during workshops unless you have been given permission to do so by the teachers or the organisation.
Feel free to share your joy during parties through live videos or captured moments on IG, FB, etc5